Friday, October 12, 2007

Grizzly You

If i had to live by myself for a long time i would definately pick to go to a state park in illinois in the fall. there is always water in creeks or rivers. in the forest there is always animals and they are not hard to come by. I would also go to a state park in illinois because the weather in the fall is the best time of the year.It would also be a good view of all the scenery, bushes, trees, waterfalls. That is the place i would chose if i had to choose anywhere to live by myself.


At October 12, 2007 at 9:44 AM , Blogger Justine's world said...

Yeah sounds nice.I think you'd get lonely though.

At October 15, 2007 at 1:04 PM , Blogger Jordan1122 said...

that sounds good i guess but i couldnt handle it, i would get so bored!!!

At October 16, 2007 at 12:22 PM , Blogger Kami's Blog said...

I disagree just because I think Illinois is really boring. but i guess the words and creeks wouldn't be bad.

At October 16, 2007 at 12:30 PM , Blogger  said...

i agree with kami, illinois is really boring :P haha buut other than that it sounds fun : )

At December 14, 2007 at 7:10 AM , Blogger Jake Rutherford's Blog said...



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