Friday, December 7, 2007

Week 5a

I think that censorship is very good for our country. But some things are censored that I believe should not be. For instance at school there are many web sites that are not particularly bad but are blocked. That is not right. Also another example is that there are many words that are censored and if they didn’t want you to hear them then why even put them on the radio or television. So if people don’t want certain things not to be heard by kids then they certainly should not put it out there so they can get a hold of it.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Week 4a

I believe that our genes have what to do on what we do the most. Like if someone’s parents are tall they will be tall if they are short they will be short. But yet the way people act around us have a big influence on what we do to. Yet I still believe that genes have the most to do with what people look like and act like. Another example if their grandparent or parents have cancer there is a greater risk that the kid will also have cancer during their lifetime. So as you see genes have more to do with us then the way people around us act.

Friday, November 16, 2007

T.V. Sitcom

If I had to create a T.V. sitcom I would create one about Matt and how his mom is so hot he is angry all the time because she is always going on dates with all of his friends. But Matt can’t do anything about it because his mom will not stop. Then one day Matt gets so ticked off he goes crazy on a kid named Stephen because he can’t stand that his mom will not stop dating all his friends. He finally took Stephen down and none of Matt’s friends never went out with his mom again.

Animal Resemblence

The animal I resemble the most is a chipmunk. He is quick and quiet and likes to eat and I don’t mind eating. I don’t crawl up trees but chipmunks do and another reason that I picked a chipmunk is because I like chipmunks and the way they act. I have nothing else to write and I need to have one hundred words nut I have nothing to say so I am just going on about nothing. Now, I have seventy words and I only need a few more and I think that all that I have written will be enough now.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 1a

One of the best Halloween costumes that I ever wore I wore when I was nine years old. It was of a football jersey and I was Jerry Rice. It was cool because I actually had a football helmet and I really looked like a football player. I think that year I got more candy than I ever had before and I really think that it was because it was because my costume was so good. I had twice as much candy as my sister and my little brother combined so obviously I had the better costume between all three of us.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Grizzly You

If i had to live by myself for a long time i would definately pick to go to a state park in illinois in the fall. there is always water in creeks or rivers. in the forest there is always animals and they are not hard to come by. I would also go to a state park in illinois because the weather in the fall is the best time of the year.It would also be a good view of all the scenery, bushes, trees, waterfalls. That is the place i would chose if i had to choose anywhere to live by myself.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Setbacks and comebacks

In my life I have had only a few setbacks. Though I can vaguely remember one. I was about five and I had just received my first dog. It was a lab and I would let it sleep with me every night. One day while I was at school I came home and I couldn’t find my dog. Later that day I found out that my dad had hit him while turning a corner. I was really mad at him for a while but eventually this lead to being able to get a new dog which turned out for the better.